ACCESS YOUR H-DRIVE (new "netstorage")

In your web browser go to


Go to Start -> Run or open a explorer window like My Documents.

In the addressbar or the run prompt type in:

Substitute <your_faculty> with one of these: ebw, elearning, home, humarga, iat, ing, nat
Replace <your_student_number> with your student number.

When asked for your username and password, add stb\ before your student number and use your normal inetkey password.

ex: \\\home\ing\15312704
with username stb\15312704

linux ex: smb://
with username 15312704 and domain STB

Note: If you are trying to access you H-drive from the internet, only the first option will work. If you however do want to "map" your storage space as a drive, you can follow the second option, but you will first need to open the VPN to campus. Go to for more info regarding the VPN service.

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