What is URPU?

URPU is a local Jabber or XMPP chat program which works very much like MXit. You can add other students as your friends by searching for them or entering their student number. URPU is encrypted giving you a secure way to chat to your friends.


If you are using Windows there are multiple instant messaging programs you can use. The custom one designed here at Stellenbosch is called URPU. For more information or to download it go to http://urpu.sun.ac.za.

Although URPU is a very nice client program to use a good alternative is Pidgin. Pidgin supports MXit, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, Facebookchat, Twitter and many more. This allows you to have only one program open on your computer with which you can chat to anybody on any one of your social networks. To get Pidgin go to pidgin.im.

This guide for windows explains how to get URPU up and working for windows. To set up Pidgin, follow the steps for Linux below, as it is the same as on Windows.


Get Pidgin here or Adium here and then follow the steps for Linux.

Linux (Pidgin)


Urpu is the name of our local Jabber chat server. For Windows there exists a custom client for use on campus, but not for Linux. Because XMPP is a standardized protocol, one can use any Jabber chat client to connect to our local server. Because it is widely used and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac, we encourage the use of Pidgin. Other clients that should also work is Empathy and Spark.

Before you start: register or make sure you are registered for URPU here.

How to set up Pidgin for Urpu

Add contacts

Voice and Video

If you right click on a contact, it might show Audio call or Audio/Video call. It will only be visible if the contact supports audio or video calls.

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